Directed by Emmanuel Itier

Produced by Sharon Stone

We are happy! Our song Dream One by Mark Joggerst & Sabine van Baaren is part of the soundtrack!

Awake2 Paradise

I go back home

Awake2 Paradise

We are proud to contribute our song Mother Earth (Mark Joggerst & Sabine van Baaren) to Verena Bruckner´s wonderful soundtrack.

World premiere on November 18, 2018 in Vienna

Urwald von morgen - Nationalpark Eifel

I go back home

Urwald von morgen - Nationalpark Eifel

Nature Documentary

After the premiere in the Film Forum Cologne: TV Premiere in WDR


Directed by Herbert Ostwald

Music: Mark Joggerst

Wild im Westen - Die Eifel

I go back home

Wild im Westen - Die Eifel

Nature Documentary

After the premiere in the Film Forum Cologne: TV Premiere in WDR


Directed by Herbert Ostwald

Music: Mark Joggerst

Wildes Elsass

I go back home

Wildes Elsass

Nature Documentary

Directed by Tobias Mennle

Music: Mark Joggerst

Naked Molerat

I go back home

The Naked Molerats get the NHK Science Award!

TV Documentary

Directed by Herbert Ostwald

Music: Mark Joggerst

Opera House Cologne

I go back home

This time in front of the camera

Mark during the recordings for a documentation about Keith Jarrett´s Köln Concert

Marc Marshall - Herzschlag

I go back home

Orchestra arrangements

Again it was an honor to contribute some orchestra arrangements to your album!

Island - Sommer der Polarfüchse

I go back home

Island - Sommer der Polarfüchse

Nature documentary

Directed by Tobias Mennle

Music: Mark Joggerst

I go back home

I go back home

The soundtrack released on CD

Featuring Jimmy Scott, Joe Pesci, Dee Dee Bridgewater, James Moody, Kenny Barron, Peter Erskine, Arturo Sandoval, Joey DeFrancesco, Monica Mancini, Till Brönner, Oscar Castro Neves, Bob Mintzer, John Pisano, Renee Olstead, Gregoire Maret and the HBR Symphony Orchestra Prague

Seit 27.01.2017 im Handel

I go back home

I go back home

World Premiere on the South By Southwest Festival Austin / Texas

I Go Back Home – tells the story of jazz legend Jimmy Scott and disillusioned producer and composer Ralf Kemper who took on the journey to produce an album with the almost-forgotten icon. Jimmy Scott, friend of Billie Holiday, Charlie Parker and one of the last connections to the golden age of jazz, was described as "perhaps the most unjustly ignored American singer of the 20th century," by the New York Times.

Directed by Yoon-Ha Chang

Music: Mark Joggerst, Ralf Kemper

Tian Shan: Land of Bears and Horses

Die Bären in den Himmelsbergen

German TV Premiere on WDR

Spring is in the Tian Shan, the ‘Mountains of Heaven’ in the south of Kazakhstan, in Asia, and two brown bear cubs and their mother have just left their den. For the brothers a journey full of adventures begins, but their mother will teach them how to master life between high summits and vast grasslands. For the first time ever a film team has managed to capture the family life of brown bears in the mountains of Asia. This is a warm-hearted, authentic portrait of a bear family, their neighbours and the beauty of their rugged homeland. 

Directed by Tobias Mennle

Music: Mark Joggerst

Rendezvous on the cemetery

Rendezvous auf dem Friedhof

Part 1 and part 2 from 01.08.2015 on WDR

A cemetery is not for the dead but for the living people. Of course the ones under the earth somehow play a role too - but life takes place on the surface on earth. The two authors Ina Reuter and Marko Rösseler tell the stories of this life. Stories they have collected over a period of two years

Directed by: Ina Reuter und Marko Rösseler

Music: Mark Joggerst



The new four part documentary starting on 20.06.15 on WDR

Directed by: Ina Reuter und Marko Rösseler

Music: Mark Joggerst

Die perfekte Affäre


Marc Marshall

Finally it´s there! "Die perfekte Affäre"

It was great to write the string arrangements for the project!

Visions and Dreams

Joggerst van Baaren

New CD out now!

Visions and Dreams
The new double CD is out!

Sabine van Baaren, vocals


Mark Joggerst, piano

Jimmy Scott passed away

Jimmy Scott

The legedary jazz singer Little Jimmy Scott passed away at the age of 88 in Las Vegas.

Jimmy Scott, the main character in "Rising Above the Blues" left us today. "We´ll miss you Jimmy! Thank you for your wonderful music! We will never forget you!". We are thankful that we had the chance to work with you.

Twilight of the Yakuza

Twilight of the Yakuza Samurai Kämpfer

Twilight of the Yakuza - The Lion of Ginza

TV premieres in Korea und Portugal, Poland and France.

Directed by Sebastian Stein.

Musik: Mark Joggerst

Bruno - Der Bär ohne Pass

Bruno der Bär ohne Pass

Hannes Jaenicke in: Bruno - Der Bär ohne Pass

Ein Film von Herbert Ostwald. Musik: Mark Joggerst

"Jederzeit kann ein Bär über unsere Grenzen kommen. So wie der berühmte Pionier seiner Art im Frühsommer 2006: Bruno. Er wurde zunächst als Held gefeiert, dann als Problembär abgestempelt und schließlich erschossen. Wie gehen wir in Zukunft mit den großen Wildtieren um? Der Schauspieler Hannes Jaenicke, bekannt für sein weltweites Engagement im Tier- und Naturschutz, macht sich erstmals in seiner Heimat auf die Spurensuche."

Wild Cologne

Wildes Köln Krebs im Rhein

Wild Cologne

Directed by: Herbert Ostwald

Music by: Mark Joggerst


Jimmy Scott - Rising Above The Blues

Jimmy Scott Poster Rising Above The Blues Poster

Rising Above the Blues - Festivalpremiere in Krakau, Emden und Toronto

In "Rising above the Blues" we meet 85 year old singer Jimmy Scott, an artist who has had profound influence on the world of jazz and pop, but was never recognized by a wider audience. The document takes us on a musical journey through Scott's moving life story, in which international artists like Joe Pesci, Quincy Jones, James Moody come along for the ride.

This is a moving film about an unknown icon of music history- a man who never gave up hoping and dreaming.
Featuring Jimmy Scott, Joe Pesci, Quincy Jones, Phil Ramone, Madeleine Peyroux, James Moody, Renee Olstead and many more

Dirk Bachs Cover Me

Dirk Bach Cover Me on stage

Dirk Bachs "Cover me"

Sabine van Baaren & Mark Joggerst are guests at the this year´s "Cover Me Show"

"Baboon Bandits" receives the audience award

Affenalarm Preisverleihung NaturVision Filmfestival

Audience award on the NaturVision Filmfestival

"Baboon bandits - monkey alert in south africa" receives the audience award.

Directed by: Herbert Ostwald

Music: Mark Joggerst

Time For Love - Arturo Sandoval erhält Latin Grammys

Mark Joggerst mit Arturo Sandoval

Artruo Sandoval wird für sein Album "Time for Love" mit zwei Latin Grammys ausgezeichnet

Arranging for Arturo´s Album Time For Love. The Album gets two Latin Grammys in the categories best instrumental album and best producer.

Jason Mraz at the Hollywood Bowl

Mark Joggerst mit Jason Mraz

Gershwin Across America at the Hollywood Bowl

Arranging for Jason Mraz, live at the Hollywood Bowl with the Los Angeles Philhamonic and big band featuring Dave Koz, Eric Marienthal, Bob Sheppard, Gordon Goodwin, Tom Scott, Arturo Sandoval and the Shelly Berg Trio

Monica Mancini and Friends

Monica Mancini an Friends

Monica Mancini and Friends at the Hackney Empire, London

Arrangements for the BBC Friday Night Radio Show presenting Monicas new CD with the BBC Concert Orchestra

New CD - Remember who you are - out now!!!

Awake Remember who you are CD Cover

A WA KE - Remember Who You Are

Sabine van Baaren, voc und Mark Joggerst, piano

Aufnahmen mit "Little" Jimmy Scott

Jimmy Scott

Arranging Jimmy´s new Album

Arranging Jimmy´s new Album for symphonic orchestra and band featuring Little Jimmy Scott, Joe Pesci, Dee Dee Bridgewater, Renee Olstead, Arturo Sandoval, Monica Mancini, Kenny Barron, Bob Mintzer, James Moody, David Sanborn, Peter Erskine, Mike Valerio, Joey DeFrancesco, Oscar Castro-Neves, John Pisano, Till Brönner, Terry Gibbs, Gregoire Maret and many others.

A little Smile

Pit Hupperten Produktion von A little smile

A Little Smile Arrangement für Pit Hupperten

Arranging and conducting the song a little smile featuring Pit Hupperten with band and symphonic orchestra

Music: Mark Joggerst, Pit Hupperten & Ralf Kemper

Mark Joggerst als Gastdirigent

Raimund Theater Wien

Mark Joggerst comes to the Raimund Theater in Vienna as guest conductor

Mark Joggerst conducts the rockmusical "We Will Rock You" in Vienna.

Zwei Auszeichnungen beim NaturVision Filmfest

Räumungskommando Riesenratte

NaturVision Filmfest

Zwei Filme mit der Musik von Mark Joggerst werden beim diesjährigen NaturVision Festival ausgezeichnet:

Das Abenteuer der Eisbärenkinder: Bester deutscher Film

Räumungskommando Riesenratte: Wissenschaftspreis und Publikumspreis

Eisbärenkinder erhält Auszeichnung beim Shanghai TV Festival

Eisbärenkinder Poster

Silberne Magnolie für die Eisbärenkinder

Das Abenteuer der Eisbärenkinder

Ausgezeichnet mit der Silbernen Magnolie

Musik: Mark Joggerst

New CD - Silence - out now!!!

Mark Joggerst Silence CD Cover

Silence - Ab Juni 2007 bei Laika Records

Mark Joggerst / piano
Charlie Mariano / saxophones
Martin Gjakonovski / bass
Roland Peil / percussion
Naomi Binder / violin
Sabine van Baaren / vocals
Giacomo di Benedetto / vocals
The Fiorini Quartett: Naomi Binder / 1st. violin, Dagmara Daniel / 2nd violin, Annette Hartmann / viola, Katrin Geelvink / cello. Special Guest: Glen Moore / double bass

Soundtrack für Lexus

Lexus - The Pursuit of Perfection

Mark Joggerst schreibt zusammen mit Ralf Kemper den Soundtrack zur neuen Lexus Kampagne

Den Soundtrack "Lexus - The Pursuit Of Perfection" gibt es ab sofort bei iTunes.

Berlinale 2007

Deadly Dust - Todesstaub

Todesstaub - Deadly Dust

Kinofilm, D/GB.

Nominiert in der Kategorie "Cinema For Peace" für den "Movie That Matters Award"

Musik: Elvira Ochoa & Mark Joggerst


Stromberg Neue Staffel



Klaviereinspielungen für die neue Staffel von "Stromberg", Pro 7

Das Beste aus meinem Leben

Das Beste aus meinem Leben Cover

Das Beste aus meinem Leben

Serienstart der neuen TV-Serie.

Musik: Mark Joggerst

Gold für Lovers Forever

Marshall und Alexander Lovers Forever Cover

Marshall & Alexander

Goldene Schallplatte verliehen für das Album "Lovers Forever" von Marshall & Alexander

We will Rock You im Musical Dome

We Will Rock You im Musical Dome Köln

Joggerst dirigiert We Will Rock You

Mark Joggerst dirigiert seit November Queens Rock Musical "We Will Rock You" im Musical Dome Köln